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Learning at the Lighthouse

Our preschool provides a variety of learning experiences through the classroom and playground. We offer a teacher-directed program with a balance of one-on-one time with the teacher and self-discovery time. Each classroom is set up with many centers designed to encourage learning through play.

BLOCK CENTER: Strengthens large and small muscle coordination and provides opportunity for understanding of shapes and size discrimination (pre-writing, math and science readiness).

HOUSEKEEPING CENTER: Allows for role play, language expression, creativity and socialization.

ART: Provides a variety of materials and experiences for self-expression, understanding of colors, shapes and textures.

WRITING CENTER: Allows opportunity for children to draw, color, and practice using various writing utensils (reading and writing readiness).

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A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

SCIENCE: Enables the children to explore, experiment, predict, share discoveries, develop observation skills and problem solve (math and science readiness).

MUSIC: Offers exposure to a variety of music styles through singing, listening and playing instruments (reading readiness).

MANIPULATIVES: Enables children to develop creativity, visual skills, classification skills, problem solving skills, identify colors and shapes, and to observe the relationship between objects (reading, writing and math readiness).

LIBRARY/BOOK CENTER: Provides opportunities for browsing through books, reading pictures, using cues to predict fantasy or reality, and ultimately to develop an interest for reading.

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